How to Get Rid of Wasps in House Wall: In 7 Ways Naturally

If any architects can build up a fast nest without the need for cement and bricks, then these are obviously the wasps we are talking about. The tiniest architects love to enhance and enlarge their colonies in walls where they shouldn’t. These little wasps, if get the chance can take over the whole space of your wall to make their resident bigger and cozier.

However, these unruly wasps can attract both inside and outside walls of your house for several reasons. But it mostly depends on the queen wasp of the wasp group as she is the one who holds the maximum power and privilege of the group. But they are the reason your wall is losing its strength and durability and therefore it’s important to learn how to get rid of wasps in the house wall.

Wasps are dangerous to some extent and their swarming around your house might bring disgust and problem to your household chores. Therefore, taking good care of the wasps by removing their nest is today’s hot topic. So, stay tuned.

How to Get Rid of Wasps in House Wall

Some Natural Repellents to Get Rid of Wasps in House:

Wasps are naturally very useful and provide a source of edible liquid. These are beautiful creatures as long as they create a nest except around the walls of your house. But as they are also very disobedient in creating nests here and there, these tiniest creatures can be unexpected as well. Though they are very peaceful in nature as long as you are leaving them to do their job, they can affect the wall and their swarming can cause trouble to your job. Therefore, some repellents can be adopted as tips to get rid of wasps’ nests naturally.

1. Take Good Care of Your Food:

Wasps are really clever and can smell the source of their living. And for living, they prioritize food over everything. As they are very fond of protein, they try to build their nest around the area where they can easily absorb the protein they need to survive. Therefore, your kitchen or grill area is their favorite spot.

Make sure, you clean the places with the right cleanser and make the place tidy for the prevention of any kind of flies and bugs. Besides, as sugar is their other favorite food source, tie the cans of sugar containers properly and store them in a place in the dark place where there is less ventilation.

2. Make Home Remedy:

It’s important to clean your house and when you only mop the floor, you should take the walls into your account as well. If any corner remains deprived of your attention, wasps find the place easily and start to make a little nest around.

To abolish the small nest, adopt a cleanser of water and dish soap. Mix them together and pour them into a spray bottle. This mixture works effectively at nighttime when all the wasps come back to the nest after doing hard labor. The result of the remedy will leave you startled, as it takes only 10-15 minutes to kill the wasps instantly.

3. Caulk the Crevices:

Another favorite option for wasps is the corner of the wall or ground where there are crevices and cracks. These crevices are the reasons for gauges and holes. And wasps are attracted to those holes easily. Therefore, sealing the crevices of the wall and ground is necessary.

You can caulk the crevices of the wall and fill the holes of the ground with a quality product. This will also remove mold and mildew and other unnecessary bugs from the spot and make the spot too clean to have a nest of wasps.

4. Adopt Wasp-Repellant Plants and Essential Oils:

There are many natural solutions to keep the wasps away from making a nest around your house wall. Some plants work effectively in eliminating the interest of wasps to make a nest in your house. Spearmint, Eucalyptus, citronella are the most common and popular plants that prevent wasps.

Besides, peppermint oil, clove, lemongrass, and geranium oils also participate in preventing wasps from swarming around the house. Apart from the essential oils, some flowering plants including pennyroyals and marigolds also do the same job.

5. Clean the House and Seal the Trash:

Cleaning the house regularly can make the wasps stay away from your house. Wasps can easily sense the abandoned place of your house and instantly intrude on the place with their large group. Therefore, you need to clean the house on a regular basis and make sure all the corners of the wall are getting equal attention from you.

Also, getting rid of the trash is a big part of cleaning the house. If there are food scraps and sugary liquid in your trash bin then you’ll see some wasp swarm around the bin. Therefore, the sooner you’ll get rid of the trash bin, the better. In emergency cases, try to seal the trash bin at least.

6. Create a Trap for Wasps:

To create a trap, you’ll be needing materials that you’ve in your household. Hang a soda bottle near the nest of wasps and direct them to the bottle. The plan is to make the wasps drown in the liquid of the soda bottle. Making the trap will drown the wasps for sure. Though the effect you’ll get through it will be slowly, it’s worth a try.

7. Spray Vinegar Remedy:

Vinegar is a very natural and effective solution to prevent wasps from your house. A proper proportionate of vinegar, sugar, and water can bring an excellent result. Pour the useful mixture into a bottle. Add a nozzle spray and hose pipe to the bottle.

Spray the remedy in the wall and places where you spot wasps and let the vinegar repulse them. That’s how you can get rid of wasps with vinegar easily.

Process of Getting Rid of Wasps Nest in House Wall:

Wasps in the house wall can be dangerous at times when you fear the sting of wasps. Besides, a big nest of wasps is not an easy task to remove at all. Some people simply call the professionals to remove the wasp nest to save themselves from getting stung by wasps. However, if you are brave enough to take serious steps and battle against wasps, then follow the steps below and get yourself done with the business.

Step 1: Locate the Entry Point and Examine their Flight:

The Entry Point of wasp

As wasps come with more or less a huge group, you need to get rid of them following a slow but effective process. Besides, they can be deadly at times. Hence, it’s necessary to adopt a safe procedure to get rid of the problem.

Therefore, the first thing that you should do is to locate each and every entrance of wasps. After you indicate the entry points of the deadly wasps, examine their time of flight every day. Also, note down the scheme of their flight perfectly.

Step 2: Caulk the Entrances:

After you locate the places from where the wasps come and pass on a daily basis to search for food and call more companions to join, it’s time to seal those spots properly. Caulking is a very good option as it resists other kinds of bugs as well. A similar kind of sealant will also work. However, do the sealing job at day time because many of the wasps leave their nest to collect food and companies for their other members of the nest at that time.

Therefore, observe their leaving and target the moment to do the job. This way you can get rid of some of the significant wasps of the nest as caulk also works as a pesticide. Fill other crevices in your wall so the wasps don’t target any other place in your house to make a whole new colony.

Step 3: Apply a Lure Trap or Liquid Bait:

Use a Lure Trap or Liquid Bait

After that, there will be living very few wasps. And then it will be the time to catch some wasps creating a significant trap. As summertime or fall months are the time wasps get desperate in search of sweet and sugar, their nest gets bigger as well. Therefore, before it gets any bigger, you need to apply a lure trap or liquid bait at once.

Fill some soda, fruit juice, or sweet liquid inside a trap and hang it somewhere around the wasp colony. Wasps will be trapped as soon as they step on the lure to collect food for them. This lure trap is a very useful procedure to kill wasps from the smaller nest.

Step 4: Fit an Insecticide Dust:

Fit an Insecticide for wasp

If there is still a bunch of wasps to remove, then apply our next best idea. For this, you need to drill a hole near the colony of wasps. Drill the hole measuring the size of the rear of the insecticide dust applicator so that it can fit into the hole.

Now, fit the rear side of the insecticide applicator into the hole. The applicator is a hack to release a heave of dust each time you squeeze it. Do the invasion at dusk when the wasps remain tired and inactive. After several applications of the insecticide dust, you’ll get most wasps killed instantly and it will destroy the colony eventually.

Step 5: Exterminate the Particular Place:

remove wasp nest from wall

To some great extent, if the colony of wasps seems bigger enough to apply any trick, then the extermination of that particular place can be applied. But this application is destructive and in most cases requires professional hands. It’s possible that you can scrape or remove the particular interior place that is affected by wasps.

But then it’s a little risky of a task. Besides, it can cause the whole wall or interior decoration fragile. Therefore, if you want an immediate removal and anything we’ve said to apply before isn’t working then, you can call professionals instead of participating in vandalism.

Step 6: Wait for the Winter:

The long-term procedure that you can adopt is to wait for the winter. As we’ve said that, wasps remain active in collecting foods and making new members in summertime and falling months, removing them at that time might not bring an effective result.

Therefore, you can wait until it is winter and the temperature is cold. Besides, the dark weather and cold temperature repel the lives of wasps. Then the colony will automatically be abolished from your house wall with the bliss of nature.


Question: Can wasps build nests in walls? What is the best way to get rid of a wasp nest?

Answer: It’s very easy for wasps to make a nest in walls. If any wall carries crevices from where they can easily enter or exit to do their regular jobs, they instantly start to make a colony surrounding the wall. They also choose walls because they come with proper shelter from heavy rainfall or excessive heat.

There are several ways that can help you get rid of a wasp nest. A lure trap is an easiest and best way to get rid of a small wasp nest. As wasps are fond of sweet, you can lure them to a bottle of sugary liquid and drown them to death.

Question: Will WD 40 kill wasps?

Answer: WD 40 is a very reputed substance that not only kills wasps but also helps in preventing them to create any nest in your house wall. The liberal use of WD 40 will keep the house from any kind of unwanted intrusion of wasps or bugs.

As wasps are very tricky, they keep nesting at the same spot continuously. But if you spray WD 40 directly to the spot and around it, then it certainly kills wasps and destroys their territory.

Question: What is the best spray to kill wasps?

Answer: Sprays make it easy to kills wasps instantly and prevent them to create their nest anywhere around your house. However, there are some wasp sprayers that work effectively but our best choice is the Raid Wasp and Hornet Killer because it’s able to destroy the entire nest unexpectedly.

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