Does Peppermint Oil Attract Bugs – 6 Ways to Repel Bugs Naturally

Bugs are surely not any pleasing creatures when they intentionally intrude into your house and start to live like their own territory. These unruly bugs start to infest the house and the members as well by their uncivilized manner. Therefore, people require many effective solutions to get rid of the disturbance of these bugs naturally. Actually, you can adopt a lot of procedures to abolish the infestation of bugs.

These procedures include both chemicals and natural products. Many people prefer natural ways or products to repel bugs from their houses. Among these natural products people ask a very common question which is “does peppermint oil attract bugs”. The answer to the question is not very hard to understand. As a natural source, peppermint oil has both the capability of attracting bugs and repelling their existence as well.

The benevolence of peppermint oil is trustworthy and it guarantees you a safe house without any bugs. But if you use this oil, there are few chances that any bug will be attracted. Let’s get a clear idea about the oil and its relation to bugs.

Does Peppermint Oil Attract Bugs

Essential Oils That Attract Bugs:

Essential oils are the most beneficial when you use them to repel bugs. These oils come with insecticidal elements that are good enough to offend the disturbing bugs. Some of these essential oils are not meant for human bodies. Their smell and amount of concentration is not suitable for human yet they can repel the unexpected bugs easily. But there are some essential oils that attract bugs to some extent.

Not all bugs can be repelled by using essential oils. Some will get turned on when they meet any favorable essential oils. Let’s see what essential oils attract which insects.

Cinnamon Oil:

Cinnamon Oil

Initially, people would choose cinnamon oil to battle against bugs. But truly, cinnamon oil is not the kind of essential oil that can kill all types of bugs. When you choose cinnamon oil to repel bugs, make sure what kinds of bugs you want to abolish by it.

The pest controlling additives in it is definitely praiseworthy because it almost helps to repel the ordinary types of bugs including mosquito, wasps, spiders, bed bugs, and so on. In the meantime, this essential oil attracts leaf miners and Japanese beetles. It even attracts thrips to some extent.

Lemon Oil:

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil has a great name for its citric formula. This property helps to offend a lot of bugs and reduce the chance of them invading your house. The fragrance of citrus is definitely pleasing for human beings. But insects and bugs fear the smell of it. Not only lemon oil but also most of the essential oils that carry citric acid provide immense help to scare unnecessary bugs.

Therefore, from sweet orange to bergamot, all these fruits are essential to remove the problem of bugs. But citric acid is not entitled to repel all kinds of bugs. Like cinnamon oil, it also comes with some additives that attract some kinds of bugs including fungus gnats, Japanese beetles, mealybugs, and so on.

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Melissa Oil:

Melissa Oil

Melissa oil is mostly recognized as lemon balm oil and it carries citric acid. It will give the same compliment as other essential oils that carry citric acid. But this oil is mostly dangerous than other essential oils in the term of bugs. However, for human health issues, this oil is a great source and helps tremendously in curing several diseases. You can try out this oil to repel some particular types of bugs including gnats, wasps, bees, and spiders.

But this essential oil also carries an additive called terpene. This additive carries a smell that attracts bugs and helps them infest in your house. It actually helps biting flies and insects to come over your place. These biting insects include deer flies, fungus gnats, horse flies, mealy bugs, thrips, and more bugs.

Peppermint Oil:

Though peppermint oil is the strongest formulated essential oil, it cannot fight all kinds of bugs. It will definitely fight gnats and even mice but it’ll not fight every pest. Also, there is a chance that some bugs get scared of peppermint oil at first, but gradually they start to adapt to the strong smell of it and do not fear it anymore.

For mosquitoes and cockroaches, this will do. But for biting bugs especially in tropical areas, this oil does a little good. It hardly attracts any bugs but some stubborn bugs will cover your house no matter how much peppermint oil you sprinkle in your house. Horseflies and some other serious biting bugs are attracted by this essential oil.

6 Ways to Use Peppermint Oil Spray to Repel & Attract Bugs:

Peppermint oil is used as a repellent and it works magically in this sector. This oil is a natural source from where you can find the solution to get rid of bugs. The concentration it carries has great power to make the unruly bugs offensive. Also, the strong smell of it embodies the battle against bugs evidently.

However, you cannot fully depend on this essential oil only. Though this peppermint oil provides excessive benefits in removing bugs, if you don’t apply this oil properly, the bugs will not be disappeared. Therefore, to make this oil real useful, follow the several ways of applying peppermint oil to repel bugs.

1. Put It in a Spray Bottle:

Peppermint oil Put in a Spray Bottle

Peppermint oil carries menthol which works awesomely on human bodies when they have a headache. But this compound sure offends bugs. If you don’t know what to do with the hanging cobwebs and their creator in your house, then you should adopt the following solution at once. Take a bottle and buy a hosepipe and nozzle spray with it.

Add some drops of the peppermint essential oil and mix it with water. Don’t add too much water. Otherwise, it will decrease the potency of the oil. Now, pour the mixture into the bottle. Add hose pipe and then the nozzle spray. Tighten up the bottle and then spray the mixture to the place from where you want to remove bugs and places from where the bugs come.

2. Sprinkle the Oil:

Sometimes the infestation of the bugs is so enormous that you want an immediate solution to it. In a situation like this, you can have this peppermint oil always in your house. As this oil not only helps your house from the intrusion of unruly flies and bugs, it also helps in alleviating headaches, insomnia, and other many diseases of humans.

However, for the instant result, this peppermint oil should be in your house. You can sprinkle the oil with a mixture of little bit of water. Then sprinkle the mixture in the corner or shades of windows from where the bugs invade in your house and in the corners and hidden places of your house where there are mice and cockroaches. You can also sprinkle it without mixing it with water if you want a strong defense against gnats and mosquitoes.

3. Leave the Jar in a Place:

The next way that you can adopt is simply to leave the jar of the peppermint essential oil open in a place where you feel the necessity of removing bugs. Most people follow the idea in order to scare mice and cockroaches. You can also uproot the dwelling of spiders by adopting the same process. It’s not much of a work to leave the jar of peppermint oil open in a space.

The strong additive and smell will not let the bugs and little creatures roam around your house freely. But remember one fact that, this idea might not work after 3 or 4 days because the compounds of the oil start to lose their strength by this time while the jar is open. Therefore, you need to have another jar of peppermint oil when the other will lose its strength.

4. Mixture of Other Essential Oils:

Mixture of Other Essential Oils for reaple bugs

As we can assume by now that, peppermint oil alone is a strong means of throw out bugs and their dwellings, you can extract the best from the oil by adding other many essential oils. These essential oils are mainly cedar wood and citronella. While cedar wood is capable of demolishing the pheromone of bugs, citronella makes the bugs dizzy.

And when you mix these essential oils with peppermint oil, the mixture becomes three times stronger. They proudly defeat the bugs that don’t let you live in your own house properly. The blend of the three best essential oils should be mixed with coconut-based oil. Don’t mix doterra in it. It’s because this oil comes with sweet additives that attract bugs.

5. Mighty Mint – Insect and Pest Control Peppermint Oil:

If you want something that is convenient and readymade, you can go for the commercial site. You’ll find several natural peppermint oil sprays there. But what we liked most is the Mighty Mint- Insect and Pest Control Peppermint oil. This product is a natural killer of mosquitoes, bugs, spiders, and other flies.

The extra concentration of the product makes it more reliable. It also lasts for a long time. The evident ingredients of the product are compelled to offend the disgusting bugs. Besides, the convenient storing system of the Mighty Mint makes it praiseworthy and worth a try. It’s also safe for the human body. You’ll not get affected by its strong compounds.

6. Mix with Rubbing Alcohol:

mix peppermint oil with rubbing alcohol and spray at home

Another way to apply peppermint oil is to mix it with rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol has great benefits for cleaning things in a house. It also keeps the bugs away from the house. If you mix peppermint oil with rubbing alcohol, the power will be increased. It will both help in cleaning the house and killing the bugs as well.

Besides, rubbing alcohol kills germs and disinfectant your house. As many bugs attract germs, they will not be attracted anymore if you clean your house with rubbing alcohol. However, to make a good natural spray, take almost 10 drops of peppermint oil at first. Then, mix it with 9 oz. of rubbing alcohol. Mix them properly and pour them into a spray bottle. Spray the blend in places where needed to get rid of bugs.


Question: What smell bugs cannot stand?

Answer: Bugs are some ferocious little creatures that come with an enormous group to just infest in your house. In demolishing the bugs, you need to adopt some initials. However, essential oils are the best solution for that. Citronella, cedar wood, peppermint oils, teat tree oil come with extraordinary additives.

These additives know how to keep the bugs away from the house. Besides, some more essential oils carry terpene and menthol. These scents are most dangerous for many types of bugs. Besides, the essential oils, bugs cannot stand the smell of garlic, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and so on.

Question: How long does peppermint oil scent last?

Answer: Peppermint oil comes with the best compounds to scare away bugs from the house. The concentration level of the oil makes it useful for many days. Besides, the strong smell of the oil lasts depending on its extraction. If the oil is extracted naturally, then it will last for almost two weeks.

This is not very much of time still you can make the best use of it. However, if the oil is concentrated in any manufacture then it will last more than 30 days. It’s because they add extra concentration for long-lasting usage and protection.

Question: What attracts bugs in your house?

Answer: Bugs are wanted of the same things as human beings. They want food, shelter, and other basics just like us. Many types of bugs attract the sweet you have kept on your dining table, others have found convenient space in your house to shelter themselves.

A dirty house is always the target of the bugs. Therefore, you need to clean the house properly to keep the bugs far away from the house. Besides, if you don’t take care of your basement and outdoor then the bugs will expand their shelter and get into your house.

Final Words:

If you want any natural ways to get rid of bugs and flies from your house, then those methods work well. Now it was a question that, Does Peppermint Oil Attract Bugs? Yes, peppermint oil is one of the best natural methods to repel and attract bugs and flies from your house. you got the answer already. We discussed the 6 Ways to Repel Bugs with some essential oil Naturally, hope this will help.

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