Replacing Pendant Light Shades: In 6 Easy Steps & Guide

Replacing a new pendant light shade into an existing junction box is honestly easy enough. Pendant lights are available in a wide range of styles and colors, which makes them affordable decor. A pendant light is also known as a drop or suspender light. It is a lonesome light fixture that hangs on the ceiling. Usually, the light hangs by a string, chain, or metal rod. The pendant lights are regularly used in so many places. For example, we see the light hanging in a straight line above the kitchen countertops and dining room or seldom in bathrooms.

There are so many varieties of pendants light. These lights arrive in tremendous diversities of sizes and differ in materials from metal to glass or concrete, and sometimes they use plastic. The newly produced pendant lights are also energy-saving because these use low voltage, and occasionally, some light uses halogen or fluorescent bulbs. So, these lights are power-saving home decor too.

However, to replace light pendant shades, you need to remove the glass from the pendant light first. Let’s see how to remove the glass from the pendant light.

Replacing Pendant Light Shades

How Do You Replace a Glass Shade On a Pendant Light:

You need to be careful while removing the glass from the pendant light. Because if you make any mistake, the glass can break. Hence, follow the below steps to remove the glass.

Before You Start:

Remove glass from the pendant light shades

Before you begin, make sure that you have turned off the electricity in your house. As you are not an electrician, you should be more careful not to hurt yourself.

  1. First, hold the glass and carefully take the hand inside your pendant from below. Now unscrew the light bulb from the threaded socket.
  2. Then, unscrew the shade ring until then release the glass from the socket and cord.
  3. Now gently take down the glass from the pendant light.
  4. After taking down the glass, you can now clean it softly. Use a soft dry fabric to clean it.
  5. Now get your new glass shade and do the previous steps in reverse. That means, place the glass shade in the threaded socket and screw the shade ring in clockwise.
  6. Then screw the light in the glass shade.

Now turn on the electricity and check if it’s working or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: How do you remove pendant light shades?

Answer: First, hold the glass with one hand and carefully take another hand inside your pendant from below. Now, start unscrewing the light from the threaded socket. Then spin the shade ring counterclockwise to remove the glass from the socket and cord entirely. Now take down the pendant light shade gently.

Question: Is it easy to replace pendant lights?

Answer: Replacing light pendant shades is one of the easiest things on the earth. Anyone who has some knowledge about home appliances can replace the pendant light shades.

Question: Are pendant lights going out of style?

Answer: Obviously not. Pendant lights are still significantly in style for our planned use. Indeed, they are filling in prominence.


Replacing a pendant light shade is so easy enough. Anyone who has some little bit of knowledge about electricity can replace this light shade. However, we hope that you are now acknowledged for how to replace light shades.

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